Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 2- Rom

So!  Off to a good start here.  Today we've got Rom!  A childhood favorite of mine.  I'd still jump at the chance to draw a book with this guy.  Too much fun involved!

I hope you guys enjoy these.  Some of them may not be very finished... heck some of 'em might not be any good.  But they're just a bit o' fun in the am before I hit the desk.  Speaking of which.... off to it!


  1. Hello man, i love your work, I have many comics designed for you here in my collection, here in Brazil, his drawings are much appreciated and I am sure that one yet!

  2. Hey, Tom! Rom rules! Glad to hear your in on the SAD fun! Let's keep each other honest! And I'd love to hear any advice you can give along the way on how I can make my lousy sketches better!

  3. Honesty's the best policy! Or so they say... they... they're ALWAYS talking!!!

  4. Nice work on rendering all of the hard and soft parts in perspective and from an interesting angle.

    Makes me want to see you on a Rom series STAT!