Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baltimore Comic Con!!

Next weekend I'm off to the wonderful Baltimore Comic Con!! Throughout the show I'll be signing and sketching for the Hero Initiative.  I always have a great time in Baltimore, friendly people, amazingly fun show and all the comicbook goodness you could possibly want!!

This year I'll be giving back, in my own small way.  The Hero Initiative does great work, helping those who built our industry.  You may or may not know, but working in comics can be unforgiving.  No retirement, no healthcare... all the stumbling blocks that make up a freelance life.  While those of us making our living in comics today are able to make a decent living the people who built this industry often were not.  Hero helps them out.  Look them up, they do good work, deserving of our support.

At any rate, stop by and say hi!  Get some comics signed, maybe get a sketch, and toss a buck or two in the jar.  You'll feel good doing it!