Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 9- Ronin

Ok... so it isn't exactly day 9.  But ya know what?  I'm gonna keep the numbering anyway.  It'll encourage me to catch up at some point!


  1. Very cool! Was expecting the Clint Barton Ronin at first. Been reading Miller's series have ya? I should dig mine out. It's been ages.

  2. Yeah... kinda diggin back into some of my childhood favorites lately. And a buddy suggested Ronin. What a huge change of pace from what was out at the time. It was a real eye opener!

  3. Awesome! Love to log into Blogspot to see and update from you Tom - Have you thought about posting work in progress shots as well? I think it's always cool to see how artists go about constructing images and seeing thumbnails etc. :-)