Monday, July 20, 2009

Come into my web...

So, here we go. It looks like the news broke about my newest gig. It's a nice little mini starring the Black Widow! Long a favorite character of mine, it's just gonna be a blast to draw! And I get to work with an amazing writer, Paul Cornell!!

Here are a few links for you to check out... here and here.

Plus... I think it might be nice to show you a little sample we put together... just to whet your appetites!

I hope you guys enjoy it!


  1. Long favorite of mine too and fan of your art as well Tom, so this is a real delight. Glad to see your take on her is exactly the way I hoped and I always wanted her to look, too. Honestly, I'm pretty jealous :)

  2. Hopefully a fun time will be had by all! I'm glad you like my particular take on her... she's a ton o fun to draw!

  3. You're always an inspiration. Thanks for your work!